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Reiki Healing with the Universal Life Force Energy

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Reiki Healing Circle also known as Hands on Prayer

All are welcome, wear comfortable clothing. In the circle you will feel the wonderful warmth of Reiki.

Below is the listing for Reiki Circles...

Reiki Circle in Florida *  Friday Nights at 7:00 pm

For information call 772-332-7270

To publish your Reiki Circle send e-mail to:
The circle is always grateful for any love offering.

Reiki Healing in Athens, Georgia

All are welcome, wear comfortable clothing. In the circle you will feel the Healing warmth of Reiki.

Below is the listing for the Reiki Circle...

Reiki Circle in Georgia  *  Tuesday Nights call for information
Call Peggy For information at 776-490-3816 or Email
The circle is always grateful for any love offering.

Reiki classes are forming in:
  Athens and Lakemont, Georgia  •  Fort Pierce, Florida

The classes are a good starting point for anyone who would like to give some direction to their life. The Reiki classes teach you how the Universal Life Force Energy in all living things works and how it can work for yourself, family, friends as well as plants and pets. For more information or to sign up for a class call

Cynthia Probart at 772-332-7270 or

There are 3 levels of Reiki classes:

Level I -- you learn the history, how it works and how it can work for you.
  You will begin a fantastic Journey if that is what you wish to do.
After the first class you will be a certified Reiki practitioner.
Level II -- we will review level I and continual to work with the instructor to be more confident with chair or table treatments, you will also learn the symbols. At this time you should be noticing your intuition developing for help and direction.
Level III -- is the Master level, where you will review Level I and II,
learn more about table work and how the Universal Life Force Energy
becomes personal and useful to you. Reiki III is a continued path

where you can make a difference in your life and
the lives of others by teaching, if that is what you choose to do.

In all the classes you will be given manuals to study and guide you.

At the Master level you will receive a teaching manual. You will receive attunements in each class. These are the three levels of Reiki, most people keep living, loving, laughing on their own spiritual journey learning more about their inner guidance for health, prosperity, and happiness in a Universal way. You will meet a lot of nice people who are on their own special journey. It truly is a wonderful trip. Cynthia Probart, Reiki Master & Teacher

Reiki is...
From: the Meditation Sourcebook: by Holly Sumner, P.H.D.
Reiki which comes from Japan, was founded by Mr. Mikao Usui. Its roots are undeniably religious in nature. There are conflicting opinions about whether those roots are from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, or a blend of all three. Students of Reiki are taught the history or at least the theories of its origins.
Reiki as it is usually practiced, however, has no religious implications. It has as its basis the supposition that there is energy inherent in the universe. Reiki practitioners are encouraged to have their own beliefs as to the source of this energy, whether that source be God, a god force, or the physical nature of the universe.
This energy flows throughout all living things -- plants, animals, and human beings. Reiki practitioners are not giving away their energy, nor taking any energy from their clients. They merely function as a channel for this universally abundant energy.
With Reiki, the practitioner utilizes hand positions to direct this flow of energy, called ki or chi. Practices such as Reiki and yoga help that energy flow more smoothly.
A practitioner is not a healer, only a facilitator for that energy. Only the Universal Life Force Energy does healing for the client, it can be a wonderfully relaxing sensation, comforting, non threatening. Touch is sadly lacking in our world, however today

some of the hospitals across the nation are offering Reiki treatments in their offering to patients. Clients who are having Reiki sessions often slip easily into
a meditative state of mind. Like massage, it feels good it's difficult not to relax.
Since Reiki is a very gentle technique, the practitioner can relax as well.
Both client and practitioner are in a relaxed meditative state!